This is the join section of the DBZ RPG homepage. If you have any of the talents listed below and want to join the Z Team then you can email me with the information I require for each position.

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@ 800x600

 Below are a list of available positions on the team and the requirements to
 apply for them. To apply for a position simply email me with the position you
 want and the requirements specified below.
  primary purpose: help with rpg engine used for game (email for more info)
  requirements: knowledge of either basic,c, or c++.(tell me what you can do)
 Artist/Graphic Artist
  primary purpose: art for cutscenes/character designs or make in-game graphics.
  requirements: anime style talent similar to that of Akira Toriyama, or graphics
                     talents.(send example)

  Story/In-game Dialog Writer
   primary purpose: help with storyline and dialog for cutscenes and other in-game stuff.
   requirements: some writing ability, person who has written dbz fanfics preferred.(send example of work)

  Sound/Music Designer
   primary purpose: make sound effects for game or track digital music for game.
   requirements: experience in making sound effects or in tracking music(send example of work)