Fighting Windmills
[2020-04-20] - [Music: David Bowie - Heroes] - Age of Iron

But Don Quixote, spurred on by his dauntless heart, leapt onto Rocinante, took his shield, leveled his lance, and said: “Sancho, my friend, I want you to know that I was born by the will of heaven in our Age of Iron to revive in it the Age of Gold, or the Golden Age, as it’s commonly known. I’m the one for whom dangers, great exploits, and valiant deeds are reserved. I am, I say again, the one who will revive the Knights of the Round Table, the Twelve Peers of France, the Nine Worthies; the one who will cast into oblivion all the Platires, the Tablantes, the Olivantes, and Tirantes, the Febos, and Belianises, along with the whole throng of famous knights errant of bygone days, accomplishing in this age in which I find myself such great deeds, unusual things, and feats of arms that will outshine the brightest ones that they all performed. You observe, my faithful squire, the darkness of this night, its odd silence, the quiet and indistinct rustling from these trees, the fearful noise of that water we came looking for, which seems to be falling headlong from the Mountains of the Moon, and that unceasing hammering that deafens our ears. All these things together, and each one on its own, are sufficient to instill fear in the heart of Mars himself, not to mention in him who is not accustomed to such events and adventures. Everything I’ve said incites me and awakens my soul, and makes my heart burst inside my chest with the desire it has to undertake this adventure, no matter how difficult it might be. So, tighten Rocinante’s cinches a bit, may God be with you, and wait for me no more than three days. If I don’t return by then, you can go back to our village, and from there, as a favor to me, and as a good deed, go to El Toboso where you’ll tell the incomparable lady of mine, Dulcinea, that her captive knight died doing a deed that would make him worthy to be called hers.” Don Quixote

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: Don Quixote (1605 and 1615)

I finished up The Man Who Killed Don Quixote tonight. I enjoyed this movie. It was a good adaptation of Cervantes' tale Don Quixote. I liked how they used the first part of today's Don Quixote quote in the movie. I don't really have much time to write tonight so this is pretty much just a quote sharing this evening. Over 30 days into this quarantine business. Hope we're better prepared next time..