Fighting Windmills
[2020-04-05] - [Music: Depeche Mode - Wrong] - Sunday Sunday Someday

“Señor,” replied Sancho, “if your grace thinks that I’m not right for this government, I’ll give it up right now. I love the tiniest part of my soul more than my whole body, and I’ll survive simply as Sancho with bread and onions than a governor with partridges and capons. And what’s more, «when they’re asleep, everyone is the same—the grandees and the little folk, the rich and the poor», and if you think about it, you’ll see that you alone made me start to think about being a governor. I don’t know any more about governing islands than a vulture does, and if you think that if I become a governor the devil will carry off my soul, I’d prefer to go to heaven as Sancho than to hell as a governor.”

“By God, Sancho,” said Don Quixote, “with just these last words you’ve said, I judge that you deserve to be governor of a thousand islands. You have a good instinct, without which knowledge is worthless. Commend yourself to God, and try not to err in your main purpose. I mean that you should always keep a firm intent and purpose to do right in all things because «heaven supports worthy aims».

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: Don Quixote (1605 and 1615)

Sunday is always a busy day. Today I cooked Bacon, scrambled eggs, and the last few biscuits mom had given me a week or two ago that I had in the freezer. Lux had begged us to cook Bacon on Saturday but we hadn't pulled any out of the freezer yet so it couldn't be done. I knew this morning she would be upset if I didn't make it. Breakfast was good and I gave Addy a broken up piece of bacon with some leftover scrambled eggs and some bacon grease which I poured into her food bowl after we were all done eating. I finished up laundry today, played games with Lux and Max, and picked up after Addy in the back yard. Nothing too major on the pandemic front to report today. I chose to ignore it mostly.

I have some ideas for this website that I plan to try out each day. One is starting with a quotation from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. This has been my favorite book by far since entering adulthood and I feel there are so many great pieces of "sage advice" in it that it is worth opening with each day. Today's quote takes place when Sancho Panza is finally about to receive the Island Governorship that he has wanted for so long and was promised to him by Don Quixote for serving as his squire. Don Quixote spends much of this particular chapter lecturing Sancho on what he needs to do to be a good governor, telling him the Do's and Don'ts effectively. I like how Sancho reflects here that if his master thinks that becoming a governor will lead the devil to carry off his soul then he by no means wants to become a governor. He would much rather go to heaven as Sancho then hell as a governor.

Sometime this week I hope to add some more interesting touches to these entries. I hope I'll have time to. Gotta go to bed now though. Goodnight!